Vicenzo Conrado

Fine Dinning Lovers

… a former monk, handed out a book encompassing all the finest Italian recipes, seeking the aid of Italian Chefs who were accomplished in traditional and indigenous Italian Cuisine. The book was much-reserved and known as the first book of haute cuisine. To point out the strict connection between cuisine and courtesy, taste and culture, he opened his meals with the recitation of poetical compositions. In work and diaries he describes these wonderful dishes as works of art, so it was almost a waste eating them.

The oldest book was acquired from MARCUS CAELIUS APICIUS amid the era of the emperor Tiberius. Apicius was praised as the greatest food coinesseur of his time, maintaining this reputation for subsequent centuries. Nowadays, his culinary art, which was simpli, yet sound, is still widespread throughout.

The MEDICI MENUS were acknowledged as the most distinguished of all. BARTOLOMEU PLATINA, originally name SACHI, was an Italian Renaissance writer. In 1465, Platina composed the book “On Honourable Pleasure and Health”, which was regardered as a monument in medieval cuisine, dissembling Roman ideas about fine dinig.

The philosophy of fine dining is well described by the famous quote “Be slow in enjoyment, quick at work, for people see work ended with pleasure, pleasures ended with regret.”, from the eminent book “The art of Worldly Wisdom”, written by BALTHASAR GRACIÁN, a Spanish prose writer and philosopher.