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A little about us ...

Dreamcome true

everything started like this ...

The Villa Medici Restaurant opens in 2005, with Carlos Barreira and Jana, and Chef Franco Palandra in the kitchen. At that time, in Carvoeiro there was only one Italian restaurant.

In 2006 Carlos Barreira and Jana Barreira were invited to manage a hotel unit in Germany, and accepted the proposal “was a difficult decision at the time, because we had the Villa Medici a year ago. But it was a great offer, and off we went towards Germany. ”

In this period of five years they were out, they rented the Villa Medici, bearing in mind back. On January 1, 2011, they returned to Carvoeiro to again manage their restaurant, and was dificl return the luster to the Villa Medici. Get to it … and after much effort and dedication brought to the Villa Medici your initial brightness. The restaurant is now a reference in Carvoeiro, and who stay there can confirm it.

With such success, there were days that could not accommodate all who sought them, there was the need to invest and increase space. In 2012 the property was purchased that was behind the Villa Medici, and more work, more dedication and more effort, rose up the interior and exterior space. Now with up to 90 people in the room, 2 kitchens, 3 outdoor patios prepared to receive 40 guests in warmer weather.

The restaurant strives for good taste and good food in a classic environment, seductive and romantic, inspired by classic Italian films. From a business dinner, a romantic dinner or a family meal, the restaurant is ready to welcome you with open arms, with all the quality it deserves.

A friendly, professional and competent staff. In the kitchen the Chef’s is experienced and passionate about Italian cuisine. The food is all homemade, the pastas are hand made, and the desserts delicious.

The wine list is extensive and of a quality, from the local wines to the Italians.

dreamingWITH OUR BOY ...

Wakingup OF OUR DREAM ...


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Estrada do Farol 90
8400-505 Carvoeiro
Algarve – Portugal

Monday to Sunday
12 a.m. to 11 p.m.

We only accept phone reservations
+351 282 357 608